How Blend.Life works

Spaces to organize life

Organize all your items into areas of your life called spaces, which can be private or shared. Easily separate home, personal, family, friends, work areas

1 place for daily items

All your important day to day items in 1 place. You only need one app to manage events, tasks, expenses, vacations, count downs, and much more

Sharing made easy

Spaces can be private or shared. Simply add members to a space to make it shared. Anything linked to shared space is synced to those members.
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Easily manage life
All your items in 1 place, organized and sharable.

Spaces for areas of your life

Organize areas of your life into spaces such as home, work, personal. Manage and view all your items in a space

Todo Lists to manage time

Use filters to quickly look at or manage tasks by priority, favorites, actions, date, and quickly take action

Calendars and Events

Load existing calendars on your phone. View all various items in one place for an easy consolidated view

Share what you want

Easily share any item with who you want. There are automatic and manual ways to share items in Blend.Life

Download to easily manage life

One place for all items

You just need 1 app to manage all your events, tasks, expenses, vacations, special events, notes, and much more
- An integrated experience rather than having and switching between several applications
- A dashboard with pinnable cards to summarize whats happening now or to view upcoming items

Spaces to organize life

Organize all your items into areas of your life called spaces and easily separate your home, personal, family, friends, office, work items
- Private spaces are private by default, indicated by a lock sign, and only accessible by you
- Shared spaces contain other members; any item linked to a shared space is synced with members

Sharing made easy

Use the app just for yourself or with your friends and family. You have full control over what you share via spaces using two sharing approaches
- Syncing is automatic, any item linked to a shared space is shared/synced with all members
- Sending is manual, any item can be sent to any other member in Blend.

Todo list and Calendar

A comprehensive todo list with support for viewing items by filters, actions or dates. Also integrated into the Calendar view.
- Use Actions to make easy updates like quickly  moving items or changing priority
- Use Filters like inbox, today, upcoming, favorite, high, low priorities to easily view items

Customer Reviews

Looks beautiful, and it's simple to use! The app has improved incredibly since the early days. Just the right mix of features.
David A.
This makes it so much easier to look at all my daily events, tasks and budget. I don't need to 4-5 separate apps anymore! 
Eliza Paul
The best calendar and organizer I've downloaded! Integrates everything into its proper category
Murray Echt
There are so many features in this app, I can't believe it. I like how everything can be easily separated into spaces.
Liz Goodman
This has a Slack like feel to it but with day to day items and events. All the features here make sense and it is easy to use.
Peter H.
So far, very useful app. I've been using this in place of my old notebook to keep track of things, and it's improved my productivity
Doug W.