A Smart Organizer

All your events, tasks, bills, vacations and more in 1 place. Organize all your items into "Spaces" and share what you want with who you want. For individuals, groups and families.

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Use "Spaces" for areas of your life

Organize areas of your life into spaces such as home, work, personal. Easily link all your items to a space for organization and accessibility

Manage todo lists

A full todo list with many features and views. Use filters to quickly look at tasks by priority, favorites, actions, and date, and quickly take action.


Calendars and Events

Load your existing calendars set up on your phone. View all the various items in one place for an easy consolidated view

Share what you want

Easily share any item with who you want. There are both manual and automatic ways to share items in Blend.Life.

One place for everything

All your most important day to day items in 1 place. You just need 1 app to manage all your events, tasks, bills/expenses, vacations, and much more.


A centralized and integrated experience in one place rather than having and switching between several applications.


A dashboard with pinnable cards to summarize and access relevant info. Easily see a summary of whats happening now or upcoming.


Organized into "Spaces"

Organize all your items into areas of your life called spaces which can be private or shared. Easily separate your home, personal, family, friends, office, work items. Use the Side Bar on the home page to quickly switch from space to space, or view all items across all spaces.


Spaces are private by default, indicated by a lock sign, and only accessible by you.


Easily create a shared space by adding other members to it and control their role.

Sharing made easy

Use the app just for yourself or with your friends and family. You have full control over what you share via spaces. There are 2 ways to share items in Blend.Life.


Syncing is an automatic way to share that works with a shared space. Any time you create, update or delete an item in a shared space, all members of the space will get the updates.


Sending is a manual process. It is an operation where you can send any item to another member. Future updates/deletes to the items are not sent. Items sent end up in the other persons inbox space.


A full todo list

A comprehensive todo list with support for viewing items by space, action, or by date. You can optionally set dates, priorities, duration and more.


Use quick actions to make common updates quickly such as moving items to today, tomorrow, next week, changing priority and more.


Easily view items in various filters like inbox, today, upcoming, favorite, high, mid, low priorities and completed

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Many Features

Many features are carefully integrated into a single unified experience.

Full calendar

Todo lists



Bills & Expenses

Vacations & Travel plans