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For individuals, groups, friends and families. 
All your events, tasks, bills, vacations and more in 1 place.

A Smart Organizer

Share what you want and with who you want

easily manage life

Track, manage and share life's most important items



You just need 1 app for all your events, tasks, bills/expenses, vacations, and much more. No more 6-7 different apps

  • One App for all needs

  • Integrate into Calendar

  • Events, Tasks, Bills, Vacations 

  • Birthdays,  and few upcoming



Place all your items into spaces for easy organization. Easily separate your home, work, personal, side projects

  • Organize items into Spaces 

  • Family, Friends, Office

  • Easily Backup data and Restore

  • Items view - Next week, Calendar



Use the app just for yourself, or use it with your friends and family. Share what you want, with who you want

  • Control over Sharing

  • Automatic & Manual sharing

  • Synchronize deleted items 

  • Spaces - Roles based usage



Set up important dates to countdown from or up to



Backup your data to your own personal google drive account



Easily collaborate through spaces and have much control



Spaces to easily organize and access items quickly

Easily share anything


Easily share any data with family, friends or your significant other



Integrations with other services coming very soon!

Sports Schedules


Manage Select from NFL, NBA, MMA schedules. 



Load birthdays from contacts. Facebook coming soon.

Full calendar


No setup. Load existing calendars from your phone. 

Vacations & Travel plans


Easily track your vacation days. Travel itineraries coming soon!

Todo lists


Manage tasks and lists and organize into projects.

Bills & Expenses


Setup bills, expenses, view reports and track your expenses


Many features carefully integrated into a single unified experience.

Vacations & Bills

Easily track your vacation schedules and bills.



Track your vacation, personal and sick days. 


Manage your finances. Set up dates and costs 


See how much spend monthly or by category

Full calendar 

Todo lists

A full todo list with many features and different ways to look at information. 


Quickly look at tasks using the most common filters


Organize tasks into Spaces. View data in detail mode


Well designed add page. Quickly set  space, time, priority, actions

Full calendar

All items are integrated with day,  month views


Options available for accounts, theme, and more

More features

Backup your data and Restore.  Organize data into Spaces.

Events, Tasks, Vacations,  Bill reminders,  Birthdays,  Sports (coming soon)

More features


Unique way of Sharing.  First time among mobile apps. 

 Share any items with who you want.  Control your Sharing.  If one time, then do Sending. 


Add, prioritize, and share spaces. Inside space, do control by adding and removing members.   

  • User/Account  registration

  • Spaces  - Private and Shared

  • Add and Re-order spaces

  • Other  - Default space

  • Add. Remove members to a space

  • Join or Leave a space by member


Share any item with the members of the space.  Item lost can be re-synced to  a member in the space.    

  • All items in Shared space automatically show up in members app.

  • Add, Update, Delete items in a shared space. 

  • Re-sync a lost item to a member

  • Admin can delete an item.  Member cannot. 


If one time share, then do sending.  Supports multiple ways - Blend User, Phone contacts.

  • Sending - One time thing.

  • Send by giving phone number.

  • Send by selecting from phone contacts. 

  • Send by selecting from Blend User contacts. 


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An all-in-one productivity app, allowing you to easily share events, expenses, vacations, travel plans, lists and more, with your family & friends.