What is Blend App

Blend.Life is the ONE place for management of all your day-to-day items like Events, Tasks, Bills, Countdowns, Vacations Birthdays. These can be shared with your family, friends, co-workers etc using Spaces. It also provides a deeper integration of items to Calendar.

Blend is being designed as a one-stop life management solution for all your daily needs and interactions.

More types of items and integrations are in our road map and coming soon

What is Space

Space is the way of automatically sharing of items (events, tasks, bills etc) with your family, friends and co-workers. It can be thought of folder like functionality.

Space can have two states - Shared and Private (which is not Shared).

Space is different from Sending, in which manual sharing is done.


What is Sending

Sending is a manual way of sharing an item with a friend or a family member. It could be a one-time activity for the user.

After opening an item (ex: a countdown), you need to Send an item from the "Send" section.